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What’s This All About, Eh?

Alternative liquid refreshments have been a staple of humanity for as long as we’ve been aware of our own existence. Today, if you walk into any major grocery store in the United States, you will be over-encumbered with hundreds of selections, ranging from neutral, to bubbly, or bitter, ultra-sweet, energy-driven, and so much more. What are you looking for? Hydration? Move over water, you’ve got quite the competition. Want something sweet, but not in the mood for juice? Pop, soda, or as some might call them, soft drinks, litter the aisles and will be quick to satiate your need. No, no, you’re looking for something else. Maybe you want a drink designed for an adult who can stave off an addiction for a slice of relaxation? Take a look at the numerous selections of unique alcoholic beverages marketed with every theme and name under the sun. You want… something in between? More than sugary bubbles, but not quite in the mood to give up control?

Imagine for a moment that you’re sitting there on a wooden porch after a long hot day. Your temples are pulsing gently as sweat beads down your forehead. Your skin acts to cool itself, desperate to stave off the heat bearing down upon it. You grasp the bottle in your hand, it’s cold to the touch, and wet—condensation has begun to form in the minutes since its release from a nearby icebox. The cap pops off, and wisps of vapor travel up and around, as if to tease. Your lips purse and that cool bubbly liquid splashes against your tongue, not too sweet, but dark and mellow. Your mouth becomes enveloped in the flavor as you notice the sun begin to set, and the stars begin to show, as the darkness comes on with a wind and a chill. That’s the kind of root beer we all long to taste.

I’m The Root Beer Person, and I’ve created this website to critique, review, inform, and discuss alternative beverages, from the exotic, to the traditionally domestic. With a focus on root beer, I will be searching for that perfect drink—one that will become my staple of choice. That being said, my reviews will come highly biased, and there will be no impartial decisions made. I’m looking for something important to me, and I’m not pulling my punches. If you want to come along for the ride, maybe you’ll find your staple as well!