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Category: Root Beer

Summit Vintage Root Beer

I came across Summit Vintage at an ALDI, which has become fairly popular in the United States over the past decade. Make no mistake, this is a store brand. But the reason why I’m reviewing Summit Vintage is because it comes in a bottle. Most store brands do not, or at least, I haven’t seen very many. I’m hoping it’s not like Kroger’s Big K. An ALDI Brand The bottle is fairly plain, if not a little boring. The font, styling, and design, is very 60s. The white and brown coloring seems to suggest a creamy experience. Maybe that’s true?…

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I’ve taken a small break between reviews, but you probably won’t notice depending on when these go live. I wanted my first foray back into the world of root beer to be something that I’ve been looking forward to. Introducing: Americana. I haven’t heard much about this brew, but the bottle certainly caught my attention. Delicious. Vintage. Handcrafted. Keyword. The clear labeling, brilliant bottle cap, and vibrant blue coloring immediately catches your attention. It’s hard to look away. The picture of the frosted mug, dripping a foaming head? All I can think about is the refreshing classic taste of a…

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Reading Draft

Reading Draft is another root beer that oozes that olde fashioned drip. As another small time pop shop acquisition, I’m hoping that this one will provide a unique and flavorful experience. I’m pretty picky, but if it’s a fun experience it’s not a waste! Handcrafted Premium Reserve Since 1921 The colors are pretty bleak and old timey: yellow, red, gold, and black. There are some nice greyscale realistic illustrations of a train and a barrel on the Reading Draft label. The bottle cap is adorned with an imprint of 1921 and the barrel seal. Overall, it’s a handsome bottle that…

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Chowning’s Tavern

I found Chowning’s Tavern at a local craft candy and pop store and safely acquired it, and a few other brews that I’ll be reviewing next. It’s a very interesting looking root beer, and I’m excited to try something new. Experience Colonial Williamsburg As I mentioned, the label on this bottle is really interesting. It definitely captures the colonial tavern artistic style, and it almost looks medicinal with its off-white background, light brown, and green coloring. By the way, it’s not a twist top. Background Chowning’s TavernĀ® Root Beer evolved from a colonial beer made by boiling the roots of…

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