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I’ve actually seen Berghoff around quite a bit, possibly at Bed Bath & Beyond, or Whole Foods, but I’ve never taken the time to taste it, let alone review it. I’m looking forward to the root beer, because I’ve seen it around so much. Generally speaking, the only brands I see around are the typical trash, and Virgil’s. I’m hoping that Berghoff is closer to Virgil’s than the typical trash, but let’s just say I’ve been burned before. Old Fashioned 1921 Chicago Brand The bottle is your standard dark fair, but the label reinforces traditional vibes by being dark brown…

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Old Town Root Beer Sarsparilla (Discontinued)

Old Town Root Beer, Sarsparilla. I know the spelling is off, but check out the label. Apparently there are a few brands of Old Town Root Beer, but it looks like, for the foreseeable future, this might be my only review of this brands line. By the time I got around to pulling this root beer out of cold storage, the origin location appears to have closed down. I’ll touch on that a bit later, but it looks like, for now, this review will be a bit melancholic. Old Town Rootbeer Co., an MSN Treat! The bottle is an attractive…

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Towne Club

Enter Towne Club. Now, you may have read about this brand before when we talked about Frostie, and like Faygo, it’s a Michigan favorite. It might be the most underground Michigan favorite, too. I can’t speak for everyone, but Towne Club is notorious around here for being an affordable alternative to most fruity colas. They’re a direct competitor to Faygo and store brands, and have even taken a run at energy drinks. Hopefully the root beer is as good, or better, than the other Michigan brands. Made With Pure Cane Sugar, That’s Pure Michigan The bottle is huge. We’re talking…

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Wild Bill’s

Oddly enough I didn’t notice this until I had already purchased Wild Bill’s, but it’s apparently made in Northern Michigan. As a Michigander, that’s pretty darn cool. The name alone hearkens back to those old Westerns, which, strangely enough, definitely make you feel at home when considering an ice cold root beer. I’m excited to see what a Michigan brew can provide, but I honestly can’t remember where I picked this one up. Was it Meijer? No, I don’t think so. Possibly Bed Bath & Beyond, if you can believe that one. Actually, if I’m not mistaken, I believe it…