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Apologies for the small break, but I hope to get started on a more productive schedule soon. IBC is considered a classic brew. This is the type of root beer you see all over the place. Hopefully for good reason. Despite the fact that I’ve heard, and seen this one all over, I don’t think I’ve actually taken the time to really taste it. I certainly can’t remember if I’ve had it in the past. In either case, I’m excited to see whether it deserves to be sold everywhere. If this is an incredible brew, then I should be able to…

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Genuine Hank’s Gourmet Philadelphia Recipe

I’m going into Genuine Hank’s Gourmet Philadelphia Recipe Root Beer with an open mind. After the turn of events that was Old Red Eye, I think my initial apprehension over the gruff Hank’s might be fluff. I’m expecting this one to be good. The folks over at /r/rootbeer seem to think so, so my tHanks to them. Anyway, since I was able to get a hold of one of these brews, I figured it should be next. Let’s see what happens. Genuine. Gourmet. Gold. Hank’s! Hank’s is packaged in an eye-catching, very attractive bottle. Although the label on mine was…

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Old Red Eye

I’ve got a bad feeling that Old Red Eye Root Beer is going to kick my teeth in. I’m not a huge fan of the bitter stuff, and I’ve got this inkling that’s what I’m in for. I don’t know it for sure, but I get the sense that this root beer isn’t going to be up my alley. Well, you know what they say, “take life by the horns,” so I guess I’d better get started with this gnarly looking brew. Estoy Torear Viejo Ojos Rojos Por Primera Vez Old Red Eye – the kind of name that strikes fear…

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The brew that I’m about to try, Polar, dates its establishment to 1882. I’m excited to see if despite all the marvels of modern technology, something claiming to be so old can wrestle with the rest of these younger generation root beers. I’ve heard of Polar before, but I’ve never had the opportunity to give it a try. That changes, today. I have a strange feeling that it’s going to be a classic drink—something that I can really sink my taste buds into. Polar Bears: Expert Crafters of Root Beer? With a tall neck, clear bottle, and an attractive, dark luscious…

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