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Virgil’s Bavarian Nutmeg Special Edition

I’ve reviewed Virgil’s regular brew, and their zero sugar offering with wildly different ratings. Nevertheless, Virgil’s is known for their past award winning brew, and is widely thought of being one of the best overall root beers around. When I saw this bottle at Whole Foods, I couldn’t let it go. It wasn’t cheap either. If I’m recalling correctly, one bottle of this was equal to an entire pack of Virgil’s. I hope it’s worth it. I’m not entirely sure if the Bavarian nutmeg special edition is any different than the original micro-brew. That would be an interesting and disappointing…

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Please wear a mask and follow common best practices in regard to this pandemic. From what I can tell in the root beer universe, Sprecher is beloved on the same level of Virgil’s. I’m not actually sure if Sprecher is as good as Virgil’s, yet, but I know that if there is the same level of adoration, then I’m in for a real treat. I’ve actually never seen Sprecher around here before, so I’m pretty lucky today. When I saw the bottle on the shelf of a local grocery, I didn’t even check out the price. I just bought it…


Blue Sky

Blue Sky has been recommended to me as the pinnacle of easily available, affordable root beer; gourmet without the scarcity, if you will. Well, I’ve been putting it off in favor of more obscure brews, but now I’m here to give it a try. As I’ve said in the past, I have a predisposition against canned root beers. Plus, based on past reviews that brand themselves as creamy, I feel like I’m in the right to be wary. Nevertheless, this is the most highly recommended brew, so I have to give it a fair shake. Okay, let’s go! Creamy Root…

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Dr. Brown’s

If you’ve ever sat in a deli, especially in Michigan, you should be well acquainted with Dr. Brown’s; especially their black cherry pop. It’s absolutely fantastic, and one of the best pairings to a deli sandwich that I’ve ever come across. But, I haven’t really seen a root beer variant, so when I saw a can of Dr. Brown’s root beer sitting on the shelf, I bought it. I’ve never seen Dr. Brown’s bottled before, so the can will have to do. I will not be having a lovely deli sandwich while I review this root beer, but I will…