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Tag: 3/5

This rating is reserved for products that are likable, but are missing a crucial element to make them worthwhile as a daily purchase.

Henry Weinhard’s Root Beer

Henry Weinhard’s was recently recommended by a fan of the blog. I’m pretty excited when someone else recommends me a root beer, especially if they’re a fan of my work. If I can get my hands on it, especially during this pandemic, I’ll try and review it. Honestly I’ve seen Henry Weinhard’s around for years, but because they only come in a six pack, and since no one has ever mentioned it to me before, I’ve been apprehensive to give it a try. Since it’s hard to find really good root beer in my experience, I am more prone to…


Always Ask For Avery’s

Avery’s™ looks like it has fallen straight out of the early 1900s. Hopefully the flavor will be as traditional as other brews that come from that time. I’m intrigued by its simplistic style and design, and in-your-face lettering. To be honest, it reminds me of the look of a repair man, or a milk man. Is Avery’s™ a working man’s root beer? Let’s find out! Gold Coin Root Beer Avery’s™ is a very dark looking root beer, filled to the absolute top of the neck. The white label, with blue and black block lettering is easy to read, and conveys…

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Dr. Brown’s

If you’ve ever sat in a deli, especially in Michigan, you should be well acquainted with Dr. Brown’s; especially their black cherry pop. It’s absolutely fantastic, and one of the best pairings to a deli sandwich that I’ve ever come across. But, I haven’t really seen a root beer variant, so when I saw a can of Dr. Brown’s root beer sitting on the shelf, I bought it. I’ve never seen Dr. Brown’s bottled before, so the can will have to do. I will not be having a lovely deli sandwich while I review this root beer, but I will…



Today we’re delving into the world of canned root beer. Starting with Hansen’s. Generally speaking, I prefer root beer in a bottle. I think my aversion has something to do with how canned root beer is presented and sold. Canned drinks are generally sold together with soda pop, which means root beer is represented as nothing more than another flavor, next to cola or lemon lime. But root beer is its own genre of drink. It has a depth of history, and it’s (hopefully) brewed as a compilation of flavors, spices, and herbs, rather than chemically derives flavors. Plus, canned…