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Tag: 4/5

This rating is reserved for products that are, on the whole, good. While not quite the best in their league, they are leaps and bounds ahead of others in the category.

Blue Sky

Blue Sky has been recommended to me as the pinnacle of easily available, affordable root beer; gourmet without the scarcity, if you will. Well, I’ve been putting it off in favor of more obscure brews, but now I’m here to give it a try. As I’ve said in the past, I have a predisposition against canned root beers. Plus, based on past reviews that brand themselves as creamy, I feel like I’m in the right to be wary. Nevertheless, this is the most highly recommended brew, so I have to give it a fair shake. Okay, let’s go! Creamy Root…

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The brew that I’m about to try, Polar, dates its establishment to 1882. I’m excited to see if despite all the marvels of modern technology, something claiming to be so old can wrestle with the rest of these younger generation root beers. I’ve heard of Polar before, but I’ve never had the opportunity to give it a try. That changes, today. I have a strange feeling that it’s going to be a classic drink—something that I can really sink my taste buds into. Polar Bears: Expert Crafters of Root Beer? With a tall neck, clear bottle, and an attractive, dark luscious…

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Virgil’s Micro Brewed Root Beer

I have to admit that I’m excited for Virgil’s. It’s been a little while, but if I’m remembering correctly, this is one of those brands that has set the standard for the industry. I have to admit, after my last three experiences, I feel I’m due for something nice, don’t you? This particular brew claims to be a globalized blend, stating that the brand imports all sorts of ingredients from all over the world. Despite this apparent modern method for acquiring components, Virgil’s Micro Brewed Root Beer has that essential look of a traditional root beer. Classic, Traditional, Delicious? Virgil’s…

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