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This rating is reserved for products that are absolutely, without a doubt, abhorrent. They’re terrible, and cannot be stomached.


Please wear a mask and follow common best practices in regard to this pandemic. From what I can tell in the root beer universe, Sprecher is beloved on the same level of Virgil’s. I’m not actually sure if Sprecher is as good as Virgil’s, yet, but I know that if there is the same level of adoration, then I’m in for a real treat. I’ve actually never seen Sprecher around here before, so I’m pretty lucky today. When I saw the bottle on the shelf of a local grocery, I didn’t even check out the price. I just bought it…



I’ve actually seen Berghoff around quite a bit, possibly at Bed Bath & Beyond, or Whole Foods, but I’ve never taken the time to taste it, let alone review it. I’m looking forward to the root beer, because I’ve seen it around so much. Generally speaking, the only brands I see around are the typical trash, and Virgil’s. I’m hoping that Berghoff is closer to Virgil’s than the typical trash, but let’s just say I’ve been burned before. Old Fashioned 1921 Chicago Brand The bottle is your standard dark fair, but the label reinforces traditional vibes by being dark brown…

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Apologies for the small break, but I hope to get started on a more productive schedule soon. IBC is considered a classic brew. This is the type of root beer you see all over the place. Hopefully for good reason. Despite the fact that I’ve heard, and seen this oneĀ all over, I don’t think I’ve actually taken the time to really taste it. I certainly can’t remember if I’ve had it in the past. In either case, I’m excited to see whether it deserves to be sold everywhere. If this is an incredible brew, then I should be able to…