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Today we’re delving into the world of canned root beer. Starting with Hansen’s. Generally speaking, I prefer root beer in a bottle. I think my aversion has something to do with how canned root beer is presented and sold. Canned drinks are generally sold together with soda pop, which means root beer is represented as nothing more than another flavor, next to cola or lemon lime. But root beer is its own genre of drink. It has a depth of history, and it’s (hopefully) brewed as a compilation of flavors, spices, and herbs, rather than chemically derives flavors. Plus, canned…


Dang! That’s Good Butterscotch

I believe this is the 25th root beer reviewed on this blog, and on this special occasion, I grabbed a bottle of Dang! That’s Good Butterscotch root beer. I saw it, and honestly I couldn’t say no. It’s just too strange. I don’t expect that this brew will be the best I’ve ever had. I do expect that this will be a weird, but very interesting treat. I took a moment to reflect on my first post, and it turns out I am pretty picky, and I’m still an amateur enthusiast. So I guess I found out a little bit…

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Virgil’s Zero

Virgil’s root beer is currently hovering around the number one spot on this blog. It’s one of the most iconic, modern root beers out there, and a personal favorite. The only on-par rival that it has for me right now is Polar, which offers a much more traditional flavor. Thus, when I saw Virgil’s Zero on the shelf, I couldn’t say no to opportunity of reviewing it. I do not typically seek out diet beverages, but there are those out there that don’t really have much of a choice. Hopefully this review appeals to them. However, please understand that diet…


Sioux City

Sioux City is known for its incredibly sweet, minty birch beer. It’s a solid reddish amber drink, and I’m a big fan. However, birch beer isn’t root beer, and I’m not reviewing that. Today, I’m giving Sioux City Root Beer a chance, and I’m really excited to sink my taste buds into this brew, especially after the last one. Old West Brew Sioux City is a totally stout root beer. It’s dark and wide, and looks like it has a bite to it. The bottle is embossed with the Sioux City name. The label is colored in muted blue and…

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