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Tag: 3/5

This rating is reserved for products that are likable, but are missing a crucial element to make them worthwhile as a daily purchase.

Old Red Eye

I’ve got a bad feeling that Old Red Eye Root Beer is going to kick my teeth in. I’m not a huge fan of the bitter stuff, and I’ve got this inkling that’s what I’m in for. I don’t know it for sure, but I get the sense that this root beer isn’t going to be up my alley. Well, you know what they say, “take life by the horns,” so I guess I’d better get started with this gnarly looking brew. Estoy Torear Viejo Ojos Rojos Por Primera Vez Old Red Eye – the kind of name that strikes fear…

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Brownie Caramel Cream Root Beer

With Virgil’s, I’m reinvigorated. After the first few duds, Virgil’s really gave me the fire I needed to continue this little delve into the world of root beer. Okay, let’s give it another shot, and for today’s article I’ve chosen something that I’ve had my eye on for quite a while. Brownie Caramel Cream Root Beer. Now, to be fair, I’m not a big fan of caramel, but I’m not going into this thinking Brownie is glorified Werther’s Original candies. With something that’s been in production this long, if caramel is the way to explore root beer flavors, I’m interested to see…

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Dang! That’s Good… Or Is It?

In this most inaugural of postings, I’ll be taking on Dang! That’s Good Root Beer. I figured the best way to start this thing off would be to explore a brew that had that classic look. Now, I’m not a professional, but I am an amateur enthusiast who can appreciate a good root beer. I’d say my tastes are right down the line, I’m not too picky, but I’m not going to roll over for the first hint of sassafras or licorice. That means Dang! That’s Good has a pretty decent chance of satiating my thirst. Hell, with a name…

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